Long sable legs
Lean and Strong
Carry me gently
Like a whispered song

Ebony tail
Ebony mane
Proudly he carries
In the proper vein

Deepest bay coat
lightly glows
With copper highlights
Surrounding his nose

My perfect horse
Tall and dark
Is a gentleman
With a lively spark

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Flow Into Me

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Flow into me
Bring the sun-drenched rains of summer
And the ice-cold melt of snow pack

Purge the moss and algae laden rocks
Call away the sediment
Evict the slime and the mud

Fill my reservoir
Let the excess spill downstream cleansed and pure
Make me a well of deep and pristine waters
Take away the shame of
My stagnation


I Wonder…

For children growth and learning are organic. They don’t have to think about it because it is what their lives are all about. The simplest of things are wonderful to a child.

Falling Leaves

Adults have to work to recapture the mindset that comes so naturally to children. The wonder of learning and growth tends to dim as life makes more demands on our time. We hurry from activity to activity and scarcely stop to take in the wonder of it all.